Reasons To Rent a School Bus in Singapore

If your kid goes to school in Sinagpore, it’s likely that he takes a bus everyday. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure your kid learns about his safety. Even you need to take some steps to ensure school bus safety. Whether your kid is taking a bus to school for the first time or has been travelling in the same manner to school for years, you need to know some effective safety tips. Just like motorists need to pay extra attention, children and parents need to be careful. In this post, we’ve discussed some important school bus safety tips.

Ensure Proper Registration

This is one of the most important school bus safety tips. You need to make sure your child is registered properly to ride the bus everyday. You should also make sure your address and contact information is up to day. Even when your information has not changed, you need to check it regularly to make sure it’s accurate.

Meet the Child at the Bus Stop

When your child gets off the bus, you need to be present to pick him up. If it’s not possible for you to do so, someone you know can do the same. If you are running late some day, you need to have a contingency plan. Some plans involve ensuring your child has access to the home if he’s old enough and close to the home or waiting at a neighbor’s place.


Make Yourself Aware of Dangers Around Drop Off and Pickup Zone

It’s important for every parent to be aware of dangers in the vicinity of a pickup and drop off zone. There may be several blind spots around the pickup and drop off point. These areas shouldn’t be approached until the bus has completely stopped. In addition to this, you and the child should wait at a safe distance from the curb when the driver is parking the bus.

Sit Properly in the Bus

This is another important school bus safety tip. When your child is riding the bus, you need to make sure he sits properly, sitting upright and feet forward. This minimizes the risk of injury if the bus stops suddenly.

Standing, lying down or facing backwards can increase risk of an injury when the bus stops suddenly. In such a situation, your child may be off balance. Most schools buses focus on compartmentalization. This safety feature is utilized in most bus design and construction.

Keep Belongings on the Lap and Don’t Make Noise

When your child is riding the bus, he should keep all belongings on his lap. The aisles in the bus should be clear to make sure no one accidentally trips. Cluttering the aisles may also cause a problem if an evacuation is required.

The noise level on the bus should also be kept to a minimum. The primary reason is that the driver should be able to concentrate on the road and the traffic ahead. Loud music or talking can act as distractions and lead to accidents.

No Play on the Bus

Some kids run and wrestle on the bus. However, this should be strictly avoided. You need to make sure your child always sits in his seat when the bus is moving. Horseplay and moving around can also distract the driver. Such activities also put riders at risk of injuries when the bus makes sudden stops or movements.

No Eating or Drinking

It’s worth mentioning that eating or drinking should not be allowed on the school bus. Drinks and food can become a choking hazard. They should only be consumed when the bus stops. In addition to this, when your child consumes food in confined spaces, it can cause sensitivities and allergies.

Keep Backpacks Light

Last but not the least, you need to make sure your child carries a light backpack. A heavy backpack can throw off his balance and increase the risk of a fall or trip. This may lead to serious injuries.

With these simple tips about school bus safety, you can make sure your child does not experience any problems while riding the school bus. Most importantly, it’s important to make sure a reputed bus service operates in your area and takes your kid to school. https://www.bedoktransport.com/ is considered to be the most reputed service in Singapore.

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