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Bedok Transport Pte Ltd

From a humble beginning to more than 80 buses in year 2010, the family-owned company has gone from strength to strength.

For the past decades, Bedok Transport’s name is regarded with great customer services and amazing work ethics. Although we started with humble beginnings as a family operated business, we have kept true to our core values, and has led us to an industry leading chartered bus business in the transportation scene in Singapore. We aim to keep these good values moving forward, by maintaining top quality bus assets, good services and fair rates. Our blue and green stripped logos, proudly emblazoned on all our chartered buses are a common sight to find in Singapore. We ensure Bedok Transport offer fair rates for chartered bus services in Singapore. Whether if we are providing chartered school bus services or chartered bus transportation services to multinational events, we make sure to keep our prices transparent and fair.

Why Choose Us



We constantly update our fleet of chartered buses to meet the highest standards of serviceability and operational safety.



Our bus drivers go through professional training, and are well groomed to be courteous and punctual to their work and to our customers.



With more than 50 years of experience as a reliable chartered bus transport services in Singapore , you can trust us to deliver our best service.


Customer Excellence

We claim pride on ourselves on helping customers and providing an amazing chartered bus transportation experience where it matters most.

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Our Accreditation

Managing safety and health hazards is our top most priority as a coporate bus transportation service provider in Singapore and we strive to bring our services to the next level.