What to Look for When Hiring a Chartered Bus in Singapore

If you are in Singapore traveling in and around with a large group of friends and family members, you should consider hiring a chartered bus company. However, choosing a chartered bus in Singapore is not that easy as numerous companies are providing such services. Plus, you also need to consider several aspects such as comfort, budget, number seats, traveling spots covered, etc.

Here are seven tips that will help you in choosing the right chartered bus company in Singapore for a better experience.



While choosing a chartered bus company, make sure the company is adaptable enough to meet your diverse traveling requirements without requiring any additional expenses.

First, contact the company’s customer support before availing one of their packages and gather all the essential details of all their packages based on journey comfort, price, and expected perks. This way you can figure out the right package for you without entrusting on any mediator.


Travelling Spots Covered

Before finalizing a charter bus service in Singapore, make sure it covers all the popular traveling destinations in and around Singapore. This way you and your friends and family members won’t be missing out on any popular traveling spot giving you the highest level of satisfaction.

Avoid companies that don’t include popular destinations of Singapore into their promotional packages to reduce expenditure. Otherwise, you might be missing some must-see places in the country that was part of your itinerary.


Experience in This Industry

Charter bus service companies in Singapore with years of experience will most likely offer a secure and sound traveling experience. Choose a charter bus service agency that is in this business for over five years and built a strong reputation.

The knowledge and expertise gathered over the years will let them quickly adapt according to your traveling demands. They will also most likely to accommodate any number of travelers you have. They can also deploy additional drivers if you have a multi-day traveling program.


Variety of Their Bus Fleet

A professional charter bus company in Singapore should maintain a variety of bus fleets available for selection. All the options provided must be flexible to boost your convenience. Determine the number of travelers who will be going for the bus tour before arranging a charter bus service. Your chosen bus also must have the capacity to expedite and accommodate persons with disabilities. A wheelchair lift will be handy to make the motorcoach accessible.


State of the Fleet

You also need to check the condition of the chosen motorcoach. The bus should be modern with regular servicing proofs to prevent any hindrance during the tour.

Furthermore, there must be additional amenities to augment your comfort level including:

  • Satellite TV
  • Execute seats with additional legroom
  • Wireless Internet
  • Air Conditioners


Check and Verify Their Credentials

The charter bus service company you are about to hire for your Singapore bus trip must be registered with concerned federal and state licensing authorities. This will give you confidence and assurance that you will have a safe and fruitful journey.

Moreover, the driver must hold a valid commercial driving license to drive the bus. Also, verify whether the company provides regular defensive driving training to their staff or not.

Search the company Google and check the company’s reviews on various external reviews. If possible, reach out to some of their past customers and listen carefully to what they have to say about their services. This will help you make an informed decision on whether the company is right for you or not.


Customer Support

Professional customer support is another essential aspect that you have to consider as your traveling convenience relies heavily on the quality of the company’s customer service.

A professional and experienced charter bus service company should offer unparalleled customer service right from the first consultation call. Your traveling contentment will greatly increase through compelling and trustworthy customer service from the company.

Efficient customer service also comes handy during the price negotiation. The company should provide all the information upfront about its price determination to avoid unanticipated billing.

If you are planning to travel Singapore with your friends and family members, then consider www.bedoktransport.com chartered bus in Singapore with years of experience, unmatched customer service, and variety of bus fleets of different sizes at an affordable cost.

If you are planning to travel Singapore with your friends and family members, then consider www.bedoktransport.com chartered bus in Singapore with years of experience, unmatched customer service, and variety of bus fleets of different sizes at an affordable cost.