Tips on Chartering a Bus in Singapore

Have you been considering getting a chartered bus in Singapore? If so, then this article will provide highly beneficial tips about bus chartering.


Ask Good Questions.

When you are in the process of chartering a bus, it is imperative to ask good questions. This will help you to ensure that you are able to select the best charter bus company.

It can seem difficult in some cases to know exactly which bus chartering company you should select. However, you are able to avert many frustrations both for those members of your group and yourself when you are willing to take the time to ask good questions to the company that offers bus chartering services. A charter bus company that is reputable should be willing to answer your questions politely and honestly. That is the philosophy that we uphold at Bedok Transport.


Inquire About A Certificate of Insurance.

You have the right to know if the charter bus company carries insurance. This will indicate to you if the company does indeed have the authorization to carry passengers on its chartered buses. If a company does not have insurance, it is not operating with correct authorization.


Inquire About A Proof Of Inspection.

You have a right to know that the bus that you will be chartering has been inspected and has indeed passed the inspection within the last year. Your trip will otherwise be ruined if the bus is not working properly and breaks down somewhere. Bedok Transport always ensures that our vehicles pass inspection and are consistently maintained.


Inquire About The Driver’s License Of The Driver Of The Bus.

You have a right to know that the driver of the bus has a driver’s license. It is also not enough to know that the driver possesses a driver’s license, but it is also good for you to have the assurance that the driver has the proper type of driver’s license that will permit him to drive a chartered bus.


Inquire About Being Provided With An Additional Driver

If there is a lot of driving to do each day, you can ask about having an additional driver provided as well. One driver cannot do all the long distance driving likely, as he or she will become too worn out. But when there is an additional driver provided, each one can take turns driving and resting.


You Need To Ask About How The Price Is Derived.

You have a right to know how the price is derived. This can be based on the number of kilometers or the number of hours. The price will vary based on your particular destination, which is truly understandable. It is without question impossible to give the same price for each chartered bus without giving any consideration to the destination where the group will be going.


Address The Size Of The Charter Bus As Well As The Level Of Luxury That Is Required.

You have the right to indicate the size of the charter bus that you need. You should always inform the company about the number of passengers that are in the group. This will ensure that you have the right size for the chartered bus to ensure there is enough space for everyone. Also, you have a right to mention the level of luxury that you require for the chartered bus. This will prevent any disappointments or misunderstandings at a later time.


Inquire About Policies Concerning Deposits and Final Payments.

You have the right to be fully informed about policies that are in place regarding the payment of the deposit for chartered buses. Also, be sure to get all the details about the final payment procedures. Further, get information about when refunds are provided and any information regarding cancellations. This will prevent you from being confused about the price and process.

Chartering a bus with Bedok Transport is truly affordable for your group to travel around in the nation of Singapore. We are pleased to provide you with chartered buses that provide air-conditioning to make sure that you are comfortable at all times. Our experienced staff members are pleased to assist you with your bus chartering needs. Contact us today to book a chartered bus.