Tips for Hiring The Right Transportation Services

People spend a decent amount of money travelling from one city or country to another for personal or for business reasons. While air travel is well regulated, it is also important to find the right transportation services for shorter distances on the road in Singapore. This will ensure that the visitor can reach the airport, hotel or other destination on time, and does not waste money due to unexpected delays. It is also important to ensure that driver is professional and honest, so that the visitor reaches his destination safely and quickly. Some tips for choosing the right transportation services in Singapore are discussed below.


Check Service Availability

The visitor should first plan his trip to Singapore and make a list of the places which he is planning to visit. He should then ask the transportation service if they provide transport to that area. Many of the transport companies are offering their services only in specific areas, because it is economically feasible only in these areas. Bedok Transport is a leading bus transport company in Singapore, and it is covering almost all the areas of Singapore. It is ideal for groups who are visiting Singapore on holiday or for business purposes.



Travelling long distances in a vehicle which is not well designed can result in back pain, neck pain and other health problems. These problems can adversely affect the productivity. Hence before hiring the vehicle, it is important to check how comfortable the seats are, especially if the vehicle will be used for a longer period of time. The seats should be ergonomically designed and clean. Though the cost of a vehicle depends to some extent on how comfortable the vehicle is, it is usually worth the additional cost.


Reasonable Rates

It is advisable to ask the transportation company to indicate their service charges clearly at the initial stage itself to prevent any kind of confusion or misunderstanding at a later date. This includes the hourly charges and any additional fees. Before hiring the service, the visitor should check prices offered by other companies offering similar services. This will help the visitor negotiate the best price with the service provider. The visitor should also ask the service provider if there are any discounts or promotional offers available, so that he can save some money.



It is also important to check the reputation of the transportation service, before finalizing the deal. Though the website of the company will usually only have positive reviews, there are many websites, which have reviews from customers who have actually used the service. Though some reviews may be manipulated, most reviews are genuine. The negative reviews and replies to these reviews should be first considered, since they highlight the problems faced by those who have hired the transportation service earlier.


Customer Service

A well run transportation service will treat their customers professionally, so that they have pleasant memories. The staff is trained to deal with the customer politely. The staff is friendly and respectful. Customers can request privacy if required, and assistance in loading and unloading their luggage from the staff. Reviews will usually have information about the customer service of most of the popular transportation service providers in Singapore.


Vehicle Condition

Visitors should check the condition of the vehicles they plan to hire for transportation or at least get some information from the service provider. The buses or other vehicles should be well maintained, with periodic checks undertaken to ensure that the vehicle is in perfect condition. This will ensure that the vehicle does not break down when the visitors are travelling in it, which is inconvenient and results in wastage of time. The buses of Bedok Transport are airconditioned, with comfortable, clean seats and working windows. These buses undergo servicing and conform to the safety standards.


Choose The Right Vehicle Size

Bedok transport has a large number of buses with different seating capacities. Depending on the size of the group visiting Singapore, the right vehicle should be chosen. It is usually more convenient and cheaper for the entire group to travel in a single bus, rather than hiring multiple buses with different drivers since the driver fees will be additional. The vehicle should also have enough storage space for the luggage of all the members of the group.