Safety and Reliability with School Bus in Singapore

The beauty about driving around in a luxury bus is that you enjoy the ultimate combination of state of the art comforts while you travel the open roads. Certainly taking a bus in Singapore is one of the most convenient and affordable ways to get around in Singapore, whether you are a business person, a group attending a function or a group of friends sightseeing. Bus services are used extensively in Singapore by school children attending school events, whether locally or further afield. One of the niceties about driving on one of these buses is that you always keep your cool as these are air conditioned buses.

Singapore Buses Suited to Your Group Size
As one of the leading bus services companies in Singapore, offering chartered bus rental services, you get loads of choices. You get school buses in various sizes to cater for your specific needs – the idea is to provide all customers who travel with rental buses with a pleasurable, care-free transport experience. At Bedok Transport, the staffs assist you with selecting the type of bus to accommodate your individual requirements. They take into account the size of your school group as well as your travel itinerary.

Personally Managed School Bus Trips
Parents worry about their children when they go as a group on a school outing. They worry about the safety of their children and the condition of the rental buses their children will travel on. Their fears are allayed with the professionals in Bedok Transport, as each of their chartered bus services is personally managed, and it is this personal attention which ensures every customer benefits from a quality charter bus rental experience.

Our Buses are Serviced Regularly
Safety is always a top concern when transporting youngsters around. The experience of the Bedok Transport team in the transportation industry assures a safe and high quality charter bus service. This Singapore bus charter company is committed to customer safety and satisfaction. To ensure that these Bedok Transport buses are always scrupulously clean and well maintained, they undergo servicing at the workshop on a regular basis where they are always washed and polished so that their customers can travel in style.

The Blue and Green Stripes Speak of Reliability and Safety
The Bedok Transport Company was established decades ago and this means they have broad experience in assisting schools with all their outings. As a family owned company, their values and principles have taken this humble transport company from strength to strength, and today they have more than 80 buses marked with those well known blue and green stripes. Singaporeans have come to associate these familiar buses with reliability, safety, comfort convenience, punctuality and professionalism.

Bedok Transport offers buses with different seating capacities. Each of their buses caters for various groups and events. Their mission is it ensure that all of their customers enjoy a completely hassle free bus rental service. Bedok Transport finds out beforehand what each of their customers expect and require. They know that school children are excitable and that this can often be a spoke in the wheel when it comes to arrivals and departures. The experienced Bedok Transport team knows that even school children have tight schedules to conform to. By letting them know what your requirements are, they guarantee to always arrive on time to ensure that their young charges are delivered safely and in one piece to their destination.

Bedok Transport Cares for its Precious Cargo
Schools trust and rely on Bedok Transport who understands that they are transporting precious cargo – the children of parents who are willing to place their kids in somebody else’s hands. Whether the bus charter is to a museum, an amusement park or to another school, their foremost concern is safety and security.

Are you looking for quality transport services for a school group? Bedok Transport is a leading Singapore professional services provide who you can rely on to get your group safely to their destination of choice. You can rely on their experienced, certified drivers with their local knowledge to take you just down the road or across the country in spic and span, well maintained coaches equipped with modern features, reclining seats and tinted windows to ensure that your school group arrives safely and refreshed to win that match or enjoy a concert.

Bedok Transport Pte Ltd – Providing Bus Services in Singapore for more than forty years.