Benefits of Chartering A Bus in Singapore

Large groups of people have to travel together for business, personal or entertainment purposes in Singapore. While it is possible to hire multiple taxis or cars for transporting this group, it is usually far more convenient and cost effective to hire a bus for transporting all the people together. There are many benefits of bus chartering in Singapore from Bedok Transport for different applications which are discussed below. Some of the factors which should be considered while chartering a bus are also discussed, so that the group is able to save both time and money by chartering the bus and reach their destination on time.

Often businesses in Singapore will hire charter buses for their employees. In some cases, the charter buses will transport the employees to their office or workplace from their home and vice versa. This will ensure that the employees reach their office on time, and do not have to use public transport which is overcrowded and sometimes unreliable. In other cases, the company has to transport their employees for a particular event or function like a tradeshow or party. Usually the business has to pay all the travel expenses of their employees which can be substantial if they hire a taxi separately. Hiring a bus for all the employees ensures that the business does not have to pay the travel expenses of each employee.

Often groups of people especially families, relatives and friends may want to attend a function like a wedding, reception or religious function together. In this case some members of the group may not have their own transport. Hiring the right bus will be cost effective and convenient for the group since they can reach their destination together and also spend time with each other in the bus. There are many nightclubs, restaurants, bars where alcohol is served. Since there are stringent penalties for those who are caught drunk driving, many people will prefer to visit a bar which has a charter bus, to drop off the customers at the specified destination safely.

To maximize the benefits of a charter bus, it is necessary to hire the right bus. One of the most important factors which has to be considered is the size of the bus. This depends to a large extent on the number of people in the group. For a small group a minibus will be sufficient. For a larger group of 40 people, a single decker bus should suffice. For bigger groups of more than 100 people, double decker buses or multiple buses should be hired. If the bus is required for covering a long distance, bigger coaches are preferred for greater comfort.

Another advantage of a chartering buses in Singapore is that the Bedok Transport allows customization to a very great extent. Customers can hire a charter bus for point to point service. Alternately the bus may have multiple pickups and drop off points for the passengers travelling in the business for their convenience, close to their home. Charter bus clients can choose from the amenities offered like restrooms, reading lights for each customer, reclining seats, foot rests which are adjustable, storage, movies and music. Bus passengers can spend the time in the bus observing the city landscape, listening to music, watching a movie, reading a book, chatting with each other or sleeping, they have multiple options.

All of the Bedok transport charter buses have air conditioning or fans, so that passengers can control the temperature for each seat. They have high-quality heavy-duty suspension systems for shock absorption, so that passengers have a comfortable ride comparable to luxurious vehicles. The interiors of the buses are well furnished with comfortable adjustable seating. The buses are hygienic since they are cleaned regularly. The buses undergo regular maintenance checks to ensure that there they are in perfect condition so there is no breakdown or other problem.

Additionally, all the Bedok Transport drivers are experienced and well trained to drive the buses safely even in adverse weather or traffic conditions. The drivers undergo rigorous background checks and their driving skills are also tested before they are hired. The drivers are courteous and familiar with the different areas of Singapore. So contact Bedok Transport to hire a Singapore charter bus, save time, money and travel in comfort.