Singapore's Leading Bus Services Company

Bedok Transport Pte Ltd has ample experience providing bus services across Singapore for the past forty years. We offer a comprehensive suite of bus transportation services and bus chartering catering to schools, factories, tours, events, conventions and any form of customized transportation needs.

We have a very large and constantly updated fleet of buses and vehicles to meet your every requirement. Our buses are maintained to the very highest standards of serviceability and operational safety. Our drivers are professionally trained, courteous and punctual.

Although Bedok Transport has grown from its humble beginnings as a family operated business to lead the field of bus transportation in Singapore today, its brand values of maintaining top quality bus assets, good service and fair rates remained deeply entrenched.

Our blue and green striped logos, proudly emblazoned on all our buses, are a common sight in Singapore. The next time, you hop onto a Bedok Transport bus you know you are going on a comfortable and safe ride. And on time, every time!

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Why Choose Bedok Transport Bus Services?

Hassle Free Singapore Bus Rental Services

Bedok Transport bus rental services will ensure that you will have a hassle-free bus chartered experience. With our experience staff, we will know exactly what our clients expect when chartering a bus from a quality charter bus operator. We know your tight schedule and meetings are important so let us save you time and money by handling all of your transportation needs.

Safety is Our Concern

We take your personal safety as our first priority. Our experience in the transportation industries assures you to have a safe and high quality charter bus services experience. Our commitment to customer safety and satisfaction is recognized widely.

Singapore Bus Transportation Services

Taking a bus ride has always been the most affordable way to get around in Singapore. On average, commuters take over three million rides each day using more than 300 bus services covering all parts of the island.

Riding a bus in Singapore offers one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways to explore the island's favorite tourist destinations. The bus transportation services complement the MRT in bringing you to practically any corner of the island. All the buses are air-conditioned for the comfort of passengers.

In Bedok Transport, each of our chartered bus rental services is personally managed by our experienced staff. You will find that this personal attention will insure a quality charter bus rental experience. We have different seating capacities buses to cater for various groups and events.

We Provide The Following Bus Transportation Services:

  • Chartered Bus Rental Services
  • School Bus Rental Services
  • Tour Bus Rental Services
  • Commercial Bus Rentals Services for factories, events and conventions
  • Services Workshop for Passenger & Commercial Vehicles